Is Kratom Legal

November 26, 2013

Kratom’s Legality varies depends on which state you live in, in the United States. There are a few countries that also have banned the plant simply based off of the negative press it has received. For the record, Kratom has been used for thousands of years in Asian medicine and has never once caused a death, by the plant alone. It is due to the individual mixing the plant with various other substances (mostly street drugs) that there are recorded deaths.

 Kratom’s Legal is on the chopping block because it takes the money out of Big Pharma’s pockets. Kratom helps ail a wide range of medical issues. Everything from severe fatigue, to muscle spasms, to menstrual pains, to insomnia, to stress and anxiety related issues, the list could go on forever. The sub tropic region in South East Asia has countless uses and has been put to the test for thousands of years. To get more details about the mitragyna speciosa.

Since such a variety of issues can be alleviated, or even eliminated (in some cases) by Kratom, it’s no wonder that Kratom’s Legal Status is under fire. Many politicians have Big Pharmaceutical companies as their prime lobbyists and will try everything in their power to ban Kratom.  The ban on Kratom, in Thailand, was due to their opium sales rapidly declining as people were turning to this plant to help alleviate not only their pain, but also wean them off of opiates and stave off the withdrawal symptoms associated with years of opiate abuse.

 It is easy to find out about Kratom’s Legal Status in your region. Many of the state government websites are easily navigable and by placing a search on their site will determine Kratom’s Legal Status in your area. If you notice one of your legislatives working on making Kratom illegal in your state, write to your congressman explaining why it is vital to keep this plant legal.



Buy Kratom Powder

November 14, 2013

If you are going to Buy Kratom Powder, you will first need to know what kind of powder you want and the reasons why one buys that particular kind.

Kratom Powder is nothing more than the kratom plant grounded down in the form of a powder. Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree like plant that is kin to the coffee and it is found in the South East Asia's sub tropic region. The wide mature leaves and stems are harvested and ground down into primarily three levels. The level of the grind is also associated with the kind of kratom therapy an individual does.

 The most popular two grinds for Buying Kratom Powder are the Plain Leaf Powder or the Fine Grind. Plain Leaf Powder is a granulated powder and bits of stem and vein can be seen with this particular grind. This is perfectly find and many Kratom Therapists would rather have them in there since tolerance is a huge issue with this plant and the stem and vein help keep this at a minimum. For more info visit

 Fine Grind powder is when the stem and vein material is removed and the leaves are ground down further to give you a very fine, talcum like feel to the powder. Many Kratom Therapists take this kind of powder and mix it with Plain Leaf Powder to help keep their tolerance at a low level.

Buying Kratom Powder, one needs to know that there are primarily three color categories associated with it. The color categories are given by the color of the vein that runs down the middle of each wide leaf.

White Vein powders are the most euphoric, energetic and mentally stimulating of all the vein colors. Those who suffer from depression and chronic fatigue will utilize this particular powder color.

Green vein powders are neither too stimulating or too relaxing and are the gentlest on the digestive system. Those who are new to Kratom Therapy will turn to this particular vein color to see how their bodies react to the plant.

Red Vein powders are the most analgesic and relaxing of the three colors. Those that suffer from insomnia and chronic pain will turn to this vein color to help ease their symptoms. It should also be noted that if you are trying to wean yourself off of prescription pain killers, Red Vein powders will help keep the withdrawal symptoms down.



White Vein Kratom

November 4, 2013

White Vein Kratom is a particular strain of Kratom in the spectrum of the plant. The plant itself is broken down in three specific kinds and this is determined off the vein that runs down the leaf of the plant since it is the leaves and stem that are harvested for the therapy sessions.

White Vein Kratom is primarily used for those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue or social anxiety since the effects the strain gives are euphoric, mentally stimulating, and highly energetic. White Vein Kratom (and all Kratom related products) comes from a plant that is cousin to the coffee tree. It is because of this that you really begin to see the correlation between the two plants in engaging a White Vein Kratom therapy.

Many master blenders utilize White Vein Kratom powders in their plain leaf blends because it gives an added boost to the energetic side of the blend and rounds out the overall experience.  Plain Leaf Blends are two or more Kratom powder strains added together to give you a wider range of medical ailments it can help with.  Since White Vein Kratom helps with Chronic Fatigue, many patients also suffer from Chronic Pain since both ailments are synonymous with each other.  A red vein strain will be added to the blend to deal with the multitude of issues. Couple that with depression that is also associated with these medical issues and you have a range of reasons that you would turn to a blend. Since White Vein Kratom can only deal with a small portion of these issues, a Plain Leaf Blend would be more suitable to your specific needs.

White Vein Kratom grows in every region of South East Asia. Some White Vein Kratom strains are harder to find than others, but if you have a specific strain, it should come in the three colors listed. For instance, the region of Borneo is mostly sought out for its red vein version since this is the most analgesic of the Kratom spectrum. However, White Vein Borneo is considered to be some of the most energetic Kratom strains out there.